Queen Bee and Skeletron in Terraria

Queen Bee is actually a boss that’s found in the underground jungle. The technique for summoning it is finding a hive (that appears to be a huge yellow thing on a map). An expert way to go about that is to mine into that hive and then place a torch on its inside. Next, make a straight pathway out to an open jungle that is underground. Place few platforms, heart lanterns, campfires, etc. Then, begin a fight by breaking mysterious object inside that hive, whilst running out from the arena.


The fight is quite simple; queen bee in terraria free will begins by charging; focus on dodging that monster. Then after few charges, it will begin shooting summoning Bees and stingers. Use a weapon and it should be the piercing one, to dispose of bees fast, and dodge stingers from there. Queen Bee isn’t a huge challenge, and you can also fight with her as much as you wish, as long as you can find a hive or get adequate materials for an Abeemanation.

After getting a gear you want from Queen Bee, it is time to fight with the Skeletron. It is summoned by accepting a challenge. He can be summoned at night, and an old man is located in a dungeon. Set up a fight arena by setting up a huge array of platforms up to the top end, and then make some platforms up there. Grapple boosting would be your very best friend, along with high-damage weapons and general agility with range. When time comes, accept the mission and start playing. Try to avoid his arms, and also to stay clear from skeleton’s head at all costs. The head is (likely) highest damaging part, so do not get hit. The ideal way to defeat him is to focus on the head because that you can summon him faster.

Always keep in mind in terraria free he will summon you instead if you fail to summon it in the night. After a fight, he drops little money, sometimes a very nice drop, and also an ability to enter that dungeon. Afterward, you can enter into this game and enjoy the game according to your own wish and your own preferences to play this game with your own imaginations skills. In other words, we can say that if you like to play the endless game, Terraria can be an ultimate package of fun and action.